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Premier League

As we enter the 2012 / 2013 Premier League Season we can look forward to some spectacular encounters and grudge matches. How will Manchester City cope with defending their league title?

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The Premier League History and Notable Events

The English professional football structure and tables changed from the former Division 1, 2, 3 and 4 to the Premiership, Championship, League 1 and League 2 in the season 1992/93.

A summary of the history of the Premiership is detailed below;

Season 1992/93
In the first season of the Premier League there were 22 teams competing. The very first goal of the new league was scored by Brian Dean of Sheffield United on 15th August 1992. Manchester United was the very first Premier League champions.

Season 1993/94
This season saw Carling become the sponsors and the league is referred to as the Carling Premiership. Manchester United won the league for the second season in succession although this time they became only the fourth team to do the League and FA Cup double.

Season 1994/95
It’s all change at the Premiership with a reduction in the number of teams playing. 4 teams are relegated and only 2 promoted. Blackburn Rovers managed by Kenny Dalglish win the league title on the very last day of the season.

Season 1995/96
Having only been achieved four times in the 20th Century previously, Manchester United manages it again for the second time in 2 years by doing the double.

Season 1996/97
It’s all Manchester United again as they win their fourth Premiership title. It is also the year of the famous David Beckham goal from the half-way line. Another notable event from this Premiership season is the appointment of a new manager at Arsenal, Arsene Wenger.

Season 1997/98
In his first season in charge Arsene Wenger leads Arsenal to win the league by a point over rivals Manchester United. It is also the first time an overseas manager wins. Also this season another record is achieved as Arsenal becomes only the fifth team to do the double.

Season 1998/99
Another year and another record as Manchester United go one better than the double by achieving the treble with the League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League.

Season 1999/2000
Manchester United does it again by a massive 18 points and a new record of 97 goals scored in a season.

Season 2000/01
Alex Ferguson leads Manchester United to be the first team to manage three back to back titles in the Premiership. Ledley King became the fastest goal scorer of the Premiership with a goal in 10 seconds.

Season 2001/02
This year sees Barclaycard take over the sponsorship of the Premiership. Arsenal win the title race by doing another double and were the only team to score in very game of the season.

Season 2002/03
It’s a Manchester United year and they do it in style with an 18-match unbeaten run that stretched from Boxing Day to the end of the season.

Season 2003/04
Arsenal continue their rise as one of the most formidable teams by winning the Premiership title and going through the season undefeated. They earned a new nickname ‘The Invincibles’ in the process. Another notable event is Ken Bates out and Roman Abramovich in as the new owner of Chelsea FC.

Season 2004/05
Barclays take over from Barclaycard as the new Premiership sponsors. A new owner and now a newly appointed manager Jose Mourinho lead Chelsea to their very first top flight title in over 50 years.

Season 2005/06
Chelsea does it again with another Premiership title. Some other notable events from this season see Arsenal leave their beloved Highbury for the Emirates Stadium and Alan Shearer retires as a player.

Season 2006/07
It’s back to Manchester United for the title this season. Another landmark is also achieved with Moritz Volz of Fulham scoring the 15,000th Premier League goal.

Season 2007/08
Premiership is dropped from the title of the league so it becomes the Barclay’s Premier League. Manchester United does it again and become the winners.

Season 2008/09
Another record and of course it goes to Manchester Untied again as they win their 11th Premier League title and manage to equal Liverpool’s record of 18 titles.

Season 2009/10
Chelsea does it again for the first time since 2006 and takes the league title but this time under their new manager Carlos Ancelotti.

Season 2010/11
It’s back to Manchester United as the take their 12th Premier League title.

Season 2011/12
It looked as if Manchester United had secured yet another Premier League title but in the closing seconds of the season Manchester City scored twice to snatch the title from their rivals. An amazing end to what was an amazing season.

Premier League Clubs Season 2011 / 2012;

Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Norwich City, Queens Park Rangers, Reading, Southampton, Stoke City, Sunderland, Swansea City, Tottenham Hotspur, West Bromwich Albion, West Ham United and Wigan Athletic

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